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About Cara Holland
Cara is a business visualizer / professional doodler / graphic recorder.

After 12 years of running her own business, Graphic Change, working with companies such as TimeWarner, Google and the NHS, Cara has a lot to say about the benefits of working visually.

She's drawn everywhere, from a muddy field to Buckingham Palace, and in her book Draw a Better Business she shares tips, tools and insights that will bring the power of working visually to small business owners.

"My mission is to help people draw their stories, conversations and ideas. To externalise the imagination and clarify the complex. To connect. because when we connect amazing things become possible."
Cara Holland


Speaking topics
If you want Cara to cover a particular topic, get in touch. To give you some inspiration, here are some suggestions:
Draw a Better Business - how working visually can give you the business advantage
Draw More - why you should join the visual thinking revolution

Thinking in pictures - How working visually can change the way you work forever
Drawing connections - why working visually can help you connect more meaningfully with more people
You the creative - Creativity is for everyone. This talk connects non-creatives with their innate creativity and explores the benefits of working visually.
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